Activate your networks. Amplify your content.

You've got a message that needs to get out - a blog post, an article, a podcast, you name it. You've also got a network of teammates, partners, advisors, customers, and friends all ready to promote you to their own audiences. Lockstep makes it effortless to consistently, intelligently deliver your message to your supporters' followers.

How It Works

  • Connect

    You announce to your team that it's time to work together to make a big impression. Your teammates connect to Lockstep with their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts-- more platforms coming soon!

  • Create

    You connect your best content channels - Twitter, Medium, your blog - and activate the posts that are most important for your team to promote to their networks.

  • Broadcast

    You're in business! Each time you select a post for promotion, it is automatically distributed from your teammates' personas.

The Impact

  • Social force multiplier

    Extend your reach by getting your message to everyone in all of your team's combined networks. Make a deeper impression on everyone who sees your message from multiple sources communicating in lockstep.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work.

    Everyone can customize their posts to get the word out in their unique voice and you can time and coordinate posts to keep the conversation going strong.
  • Systems eat habits for breakfast.

    Great teams work together like clockwork but excellent teams automate the easy stuff to stay focused on the hard stuff. Lockstep eliminates guesswork and keeps to-do lists short.